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MyPolicyList was developed with three simple visions: Make the end-user's life smarter by letting that smart phone actually do something smart for a change. Provide a better solution by allowing the end-user to access their everyday information at their fingertip. Ensure time is saved by letting end-user get to their information faster! Learn more about our Pricing

Features & Details

MyPolicyList offers simple registration, faster access and accurate data - no more waiting on the phone for agents to get back to clients with their basic policy information. Carriers and direct customer service numbers are available at your client's fingertip.

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An opportunity to beand your agency.

Corporation Name

Clearly identtifiable entity/corporation names with corresponding policy number.

Policy Number

Unique policy numbers identifies each insured entity.

Insurance Carrier

Name of the carrier insured the entity.

Expiration Date

Instant reminder of your policy renewal date.

Agent's Direct Number

Immediate access to agent for additional support.

Who Uses MyPolicyList?

MyPolicyList is what independent insurance agents.It allows their clients to register within a minute or less. Clients can then access their basic policy information at their fingertip in the fastest manner, 24/7. Its faster smarter and better solution then calling and waiting for an agent to responed with the accurate data!

Realtime growth stats

MyPolicyList was download over 50 times today!


MyPolicyList allows agents to update client data as policy renews/changes and send instant push messages and notifications to customers.